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    Department of State Bureau of Quality Supervision, publishing and printing business franchise
    ervision, publishing and printing business franchise
    Experts in the "heart", the collection in the "heart."
    Mexico were to "craft" tradition, art bidder "state" and up, management and India the world, all from the heart.
    Sense and is to be perfect every detail, whether it is from the ink, material, process, or from the staffing, product supervision,
    As well as ancillary services, we are so meticulous,
    With the highest quality demands on themselves. Really hard for every single persons commitment to this is classic.
    Collection in mind, is to make sure customers really from the heart within us, convinced classical printing quality, know as a pursuit of perfection
    Printed with the brand value. That is,
    Quality with our help you achieve perfection, to achieve 1 +1> 2 results.


    Since its establishment, Thanks to all his friends and the support of the joint efforts of all staff, the business continued to grow, with many well-known enterprises to establish a long-term relationship. Has become "the Shenzhen Municipal Government, China Resources Vanguard, Astec, American KFC, outstanding real estate, ZTE and other" well-known enterprises designated professional printing companies and a national book publishing books designated printing units.
         Over the years, "classical" intensive, carefully built, established a nationwide system of comprehensive, responsive marketing network. Currently, the companys overseas business is also expanding into the Middle East, Australia, Europe and the Americas more than ten countries and regions are active in "classical" figure. The future of "classical", will be constantly innovative technology, strict management, high quality service as the core, to build a leader in the printing industry, printing industry in China led multinational goals, and is committed to building market diversification globally competitive and strong print brand.

    Classical Printing Co., Ltd. Shenzhen YUE Copyright
              Tel:86-755-36530902  Fax:86-755-28760556

              E-mail: jingdianyw@aliyun.com
    Address: 101, building a, Shengli Industrial Park, 306 Xuegang North Road, Qinghu community, Longhua street, Longhua District, Shenzhen